If you’re asking yourself if you need an online strategy on top of your tried and true marketing efforts, the answer is yes. In fact, 19 out of every 20 home buyers use an online website in their home search, and more people start their home search online than with an agent. Whether you are new to advertising online, or you’re a seasoned pro, these 8 Advertising Tips will help you get the most out of your online campaigns. 

  1. Use a Photo – Research shows that people are more likely to click on an ad with a photo, and due to a phenomenon called the mere-exposure effect, the more familiar someone is with you, the more they like you. 
  2. Optimize Your Image – An open-mouthed smile, eye contact, bright lighting, and professional dress in photos have all shown to increase perceived likeability and credibility. Show off those pearly whites! 
  3. Be Consistent Online and Offline – Take a cue from the world’s biggest brands and make it easy for potential clients to recognize you with consistent branding. Use the same photo for your business Facebook page, your brokerage page, your postcards, your digital advertising, and anywhere else you market yourself. 
  4. Keep it Current – Consistency also extends to making sure that your marketing materials are up to date. Whether you’ve been in the business for 20 years and are still using a headshot from your rookie days, or you’ve gone brunette after being a blonde for a decade, if someone who saw your picture online couldn’t recognize you at the grocery store, it’s time for an update. 
  5. Use a CTA – A Call-to-Action is a phrase that is designed to get someone to do something. For digital advertising, your goal is a CTA that encourages someone to click on your ad. If you excel at quick sales your CTA could be, “Click to learn how I can sell your home fast.” If you offer home value estimates try, “Click here to receive your free home value estimate!” If you have other messaging a simple “Click to Learn More” can do the trick. 
  6. Highlight What Makes You Special – It can be tempting to use placeholder text that applies to any real estate agent, but you need a message that helps you stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have 15 years of experience, your last home went under contract within a week of listing, you specialize in a neighborhood, or you are a proud fan of the local sports team. Choose what you think appeals to your audience and showcase it. 
  7. Keep Text Short and Sweet – If you include your office phone, your cell phone, your email, your website, your service area, and so on, anyone viewing your ad will be too overwhelmed to click. Especially if you want to advertise on social media sites like Facebook that have a text limit, keep text to a minimum. If you have a great slogan or are offering a benefit to interested home sellers, include that, a way to contact you, a CTA, and nothing else. 
  8. Use Digital Advertising for Referrals – Maybe you have a weekly newsletter for past clients or send holiday postcards to stay top of mind with your sphere of influence. There are ad services that allow you to choose who sees your ad, ensuring that past clients think of you first when they decide to move or a friend asks them for a recommendation. People can unsubscribe from your email list or move without a forwarding address, but digital ads can continue to reach these people with your marketing. 
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