Dear CAR Member,

I have great news to share with you.

On September 18th, Gov. Newsom signed AB 5 into law, which fully protects your ability to be an independent contractor and will help eliminate frivolous lawsuits.

C.A.R.’s lobbying efforts in obtaining amendments on AB 5 make it clear that real estate brokerage activity is exempt from the California Supreme Court Dynamex decision. That, along with last year’s C.A.R.-sponsored bills (AB 2884 and AB 1289) removing all outdated references to “employing broker” and “employee” from the Business and Professions Code, solidifies the independent contractor status of real estate agents.

I also want to clarify certain valuable key elements within AB 1482, which will allow a statewide rent cap.  Although we opposed the bill, because of our active participation in the process, we achieved significant victories for those members who regularly participate in single-family home sales transactions, and we were able to secure important amendments to protect small investors.

Those amendments included a blanket exemption for single-family homes and condominiums owned by an individual LLC or family trust. We also were able to secure language ensuring that vacancy decontrol was properly protected.

Jared Martin
C.A.R. President