C.A.R.’s Standard Forms are widely used for real estate transactions and have set the standard for excellence throughout our industry for many years. Developed by C.A.R.’s legal experts, with input from real estate professionals and attorneys, there are currently 242 C.A.R. Standard Forms that are user-friendly, comprehensive, and dependable. The C.A.R. Standard Forms are covered by C.A.R.’s User Protection Agreement, which provides legal support on appeal, as determined by the Legal Action Fund Trustees, when the lawfulness of the language in the pre-printed part of the forms is challenged and the form was used by a member.

C.A.R.’s Standard Forms are available to all members through zipForm® Plus, and all C.A.R. members will continue to have access to them through their zipForm® member benefit accounts.  However, as part of the strategic vision associated with the sale of zipLogix in April 2019, C.A.R. now has begun to license the Standard Forms to additional entities, enabling members to have additional flexibility and choice.  Members use a variety of software, including transaction management and brokerage platforms, to conduct their business. By making the forms available within platforms already being used by members, C.A.R. intends to optimize the ease of access to these important forms.  As such, C.A.R. has already licensed the Standard Forms to platforms such as Glide and Rentspree and will continue to broaden this to additional vendors in the coming months. We have also licensed the forms to Side, our first brokerage firm and look forward to adding more brokerages in the near future.

C.A.R. members rely on the pre-printed language in the Standard Forms; as such, all vendors and brokers who license the Standard Forms are required to maintain the content of the forms as provided by C.A.R., ensuring that the language of the forms remains consistent and reliable.

These are your forms, developed with REALTORS®’s input and guided by their practices. We understand they are an invaluable component of your business. By increasing the availability of these forms via other platforms, it is C.A.R.’s intent to ensure that your transactions proceed as seamlessly and effectively as possible.