As part of the many benefits made available to members, C.A.R. offers its standard real estate forms in zipForm®, providing ease and convenience, and is a significant business tool for California REALTORS®.  zipForm® is the exclusive software of C.A.R.’s standard forms.

It has recently come to C.A.R.’s attention that some members may be attempting to modify the pre-printed text of C.A.R.’s standard forms or upload blank or modified versions of C.A.R.’s standard forms into other software programs for use in those programs.  C.A.R’s standard forms are protected by U.S. copyright laws which expressly forbid the unauthorized reproduction of any portion of copyrighted material by any means, including electronic formats.  Blank C.A.R. forms may not be printed from zipForm®, and any placement of C.A.R. standard forms in other software programs for use in those programs (other than a completed C.A.R. form in locked, .pdf format and saved in connection with a real estate transaction) infringes upon C.A.R.’s copyrights in its forms and is strictly prohibited.  If a member needs to view a form that is not filled out, forms with the water mark “Sample” are available for printing from the zipForm® software but are not to be used in transactions.   Additionally, the removal or modification of pre-printed text in a C.A.R. form is a violation of C.A.R.’s copyrights in its forms and a breach of the zipForm® End User License Agreement.  Member placement of blank or modified C.A.R. standard forms in other software programs for use in those programs could result in substantial liability to the member for copyright infringement under federal law, as well as termination of the member’s zipForm® account for violation of the End User License Agreement.

Thank you for your continued membership in C.A.R. and your use of C.A.R’s products and services.  If you have any questions or comments about C.A.R.’s standard forms, C.A.R.’s copyright policy or zipForm®, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (213) 739-8282 or via e-mail at