CCRE engages key stakeholders in high-level roundtables that address the industry’s most pressing issues. By inviting industry leaders to be a part of these fruitful and in-depth discussions, CCRE can better understand the dynamics of a shifting real estate environment that remains fraught with challenges. These roundtables are reflective of CCRE’s ongoing commitment to cultivating the best possible understanding of the broader marketplace and the specific forces that shape this industry.


The California Series: Are Californians Saying ‘YIMBY’ to ADUs?

This event is taking place on April 30 – secure your ticket now!  

More than two years after the first wave of state policy reforms aimed at increasing housing production were signed into law, are they having their intended affect? Focusing on accessory dwelling units and associated policies intended to help California homeowners take housing production into their own hands, this panel of experts, spanning academia, policymakers and developers, will identify how the state can better empower homeowners to champion new development in their own backyard and leverage innovative housing solutions to help resolve the homelessness crisis.

The panel will be moderated by C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer.

Analyzing Proptech: The Disruptors on Real Estate’s Doorstep

This event is taking place on April 12 – secure your ticket now!  

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, iBuyers. News about proptech’s arrival abounds. This panel, featuring some of the foremost names in proptech, will uncover the disruption happening on real estate’s doorstep, spanning the gamut of residential real estate services and analyzing how these companies could unravel the prevailing industry paradigm.

The California Series: Exploring New Initiatives for Overcoming the Bay Area’s Housing Deficit

This event is taking place on April 11 – secure your ticket now!  

With a new mayor, a new government mandate to increase housing affordability and increasing signs of support from the tech sector, will 2019 be a turning point in the Bay Area’s fight to overcome its crippling housing affordability issues? Focusing on newly announced initiatives from the public and private sphere, this panel will analyze the role of business and local government in building a Bay Area housing market where homeownership is accessible to all.