Welcome to the first release of 2019! The future is here! We’ve got plenty of quality of life enhancements packed into the Paragon 5.69 release. There’s some updates for mapping, some work done on CMAs, and we’ve tweaked the Contact Activity Widget to take into account your feedback.  Below is a list of some of the new features.

Mapping Geocode: If you’ve manually placed the map pin, Paragon will not attempt to re-geocode the listing if the listing address is updated. Don’t forget to update the pin if you need to!

CMA – Calculated Auto Adjustments for Numeric and Feature Fields: What do you want? The ability to pre-set adjustment values for numeric and feature fields that will automatically calculate values across Comps in a CMA. When do you want it? Hopefully in the 5.69 release as that’s when it’s being implemented.

CMA – Other Enhancements:

  • Too Much Content Warning: If the combined images and text in the CMA Agent Resumes, Company Info, or Final Comments exceeds the space available in the final document, a warning message will display. Will not shout “Danger, Will Robinson” at you, even if you wanted, sadly.
  • Clone for Subject Property: When selecting an existing Listing Number as a CMA Subject Property, the Copy/Clone function will populate a copy of the listing as a Subject Property so agents have the ability to update the data to reflect the current info for the Subject Property. Previously, if a previous listing was used they could not modify it for the purposes of the CMA.
  • Quick Access to Subject Property: From the Comparables Search screen, a button to View the Subject Property will display the Detail of the Subject Property to help select the appropriate comparables criteria.

Miscellaneous Contact Activity Widget Changes: Based on valuable feedback, we’ve updated the Contact Activity Widget to include additional functionality and clarify several actions.

Mapping – Set Zoom Level Response When Searching: Choose how you want the map to respond when running a map search. Currently, the map will zooms out in order to display all results (yes, even those geocoded to another country!), with this release the map will display at the default MLS/User zoom level focusing on your MLS Market Area. If you still want it the old way (wide out, international view) simply go to Preferences > Search Options and check the “Enable Map Boundary to Zoom Out to Display all Listing Results” option, otherwise do nothing.

Search – Action Buttons Added to Top of Quick Search Widget: If you’ve ever had to scroll to the bottom of the Quick Search Widget to use an action button and thought to yourself, “I really wish I could just click these buttons at the top of the widget instead,” then today is your lucky day.