Driving Directions is Now Generated in Google Maps

We are excited to announce that the Paragon driving directions has been revamped. The dialog has been redesigned and will redirect the user to Google Maps via a new browser tab.  Once in Google, the map is interactive and users can enjoy all the features that Google has to offer.

Larger Map in Print+ Driving Directions

When customers access driving directions from Print+, the map has been enlarged and the destination letters that represent listings on the map have also been added to the step by step directions next to the associated listing address. This helps customers identify which letter represents which listing on the map.

Paragon’s New Midwest Theme!

A new theme has been added to the Paragon database. This time, we didn’t have to travel very far.  Introducing the “Midwest” theme.  Known for farming, BBQ, and bad weather?  Check out this latest addition today.

Center Map on Address – Update

The colors on the dropdown has been reversed so that the background is white and the address is gray. This more consistently resembles the coloring of the Map Layers panel.

CollabLink Share: Copy Link Functionality

A button that will copy the sharing URL to a user’s local device has been added for the CollabLink Share function.  Users will no longer need to highlight and copy the URL to their device manually. 

The Copy Link button will copy the CollabLink URL to the clipboard of the user’s device which can then be pasted where needed.

Collab Center: Make an Offer

Consumers can now send information to their real estate agent to make an offer on a property.  The consumer will fill out a form requesting the offer price, proposed closing date, and any special terms associated with the offer.  This will cause an email to be sent to the agent with the details of the property and the offer so that the agent can contact the consumer and a contract can be written.