Here are the documents for the 5.72 release. There are some exciting new features. There is also a tutorial video available.

Agent Level Enhancements

The following section contains changes that are active system wide and available to users based on their assigned security levels.

Quick Action Buttons Added to Quick Search Field Customization

In the last release we added some additional saving options to search to help users perform various saving functions quicker and more efficiently. In this release we’ve brought that functionality to Quick Search.

HTML 5 Notifications for Session Expiration

Paragon only displayed a warning that your session is about to expire with a minute remaining. If the user is on another browser tab, has their browser minimized, or is otherwise distracted this is easy to miss and unsaved work will be lost. To help prevent this, we are adding push notifications to Paragon.

Listing Activity Report

The listing activity report has been updated to track listing activity data for the life of the listing from 5.72 forward.

Adjustment Values for CMA Comparable Reports

The addition of the adjustment value on the Summary of Adjustments and CMA Comp Report Horizontal allows the user to see how the adjustment value was derived. This is especially useful if using calculated adjustments.

Updated Map Option Descriptions

The preference map option descriptions for custom map address and zoom level, boundary by default, and zoom to fit have been improved to offer users a better explanation of these options.

Interactive Map Layers

Interactive Map layers are here! Users can create their own shapes and save them as a layer which can then be used as part of search criteria. Interactive Map Layers are available at the Agent, Office, Board, and MLS level.