Several new features and improvements will be introduced in the next release of Paragon including:

  • Update to the All Fields Detail Report – With the 5.11 Release the legacy All Fields Detail Report has been replaced with the updated format (formerly labeled All Fields Detail 2). The primary listing image size has been slightly increased and includes the photo spinner. The view now also has the configurable option to display the Map image (right click on map to see options for display). Action Icons are now included and will display below the right column or under the Map Image.
  • Price Changes Color Coded on the Spreadsheet – The Price field can now be configured to display color coding when price changes are made to a listing. A price increase will display in green and a price decrease will display in red.
  • Listings owned by Agent Highlighted on the Spreadsheet view – Listings that are owned by the Agent which display in the Spreadsheet view will now be highlighted in orange in the spreadsheet view.
  • E-mail Recurrance Expiration Notification – A new “Expiring Notifications” alert will now display within the Alerts Widget, and the modal will automatically display so that the user can quickly and easily update any notifications about to expire. The warning will display currently expired notifications and notifications due to expire three weeks before their expiration date, and will continue to display until the user takes action on the message.