Dear CAR Member,

During the holiday season, C.A.R. wants to make sure its members are aware of the increase in phishing attempts and email scams.

Some members have received a fraudulent email claiming to be sent on behalf of C.A.R. and requesting donations for a GoFundMe account.

This email is illegally using C.A.R.’s name and logo and has nothing to do with C.A.R. or its entities.

Should you received a suspicious email, here are a few things to consider when determining if the email is a scam:

  • There are errors in punctuation, grammar, and/or spelling.
  • When hovering over links, they point to an unexpected or mismatched URL.
  • The sender’s email address uses an unexpected domain.
  • The message asks for personal information or money.
  • Something about the email feels wrong, is out of the character for the sender, or the branding is unusual.

For more information about phishing and email scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information section.