The REALTOR® Party has been busy this election season!  We are involved in more than 400 state and local candidate elections across the country and in 460 congressional races.  The REALTOR® Party is supporting more than 90 REALTOR® Candidates who have stepped up to run for public office on the local, state or federal level.  We are also involved in several major ballot initiatives for important issues such as a permanent ban on transfer taxes, rent control, eminent domain and real estate taxation methods.  And, we want to share the results!

We have created REALTOR® Party Campaign Coverage 2016 as a way for our members to follow all of the exciting REALTOR® Party returns on election night.  In the weeks and day’s leading up to the Election Day, stay tuned to to see expert analysis and profiles on REALTOR Party supported candidates and campaigns. We’ll also be updating the website’s election map live, along with Facebook and Twitter, as election results for REALTOR® Champions and issues important to real estate are announced! Join the conversation on Election Day by using the hashtags #RPVotes and #REALTORParty. And don’t forget to text the phrase RPVotes to 30644 to sign up for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts and to receive a special text to locate your polling place on Election Day.

The work we do as professionals, and as an organization, is noble, good and lasting.  Election Day is our opportunity to exemplify this point by taking advantage of the privilege we have as Americans to participate in electing our legislative leaders and voting on important issues all across the country…And Then Some!