Paragon Desktop v4 has been in Maintenance mode with no plans to further enhance the product as usage has declined considerably over the past 2-3 years as demonstrated in recent reports showing less than 400 unique users per month. Customers that may still offer the product have confirmed consistent declines in usage as well.

Therefore, it is the decision of LPS MLS Solutions to discontinue the Desktop product by or before December 31, 2012. A detailed communication will be distributed in the June/July timeframe regarding the official retirement date of Desktop.

It is important to note that the retirement of Desktop will also afford LPS MLS more flexibility in delivery of future enhancements as well as the opportunity to further improve Paragon system performance.  However, prior to the retirement of Desktop, it is our intent to implement some of the most favored features of Desktop within Paragon v5 Online such as the Slide Show and the Broker Management Report.

As a reminder, mobile access to Paragon is available via the iPad and Smartphones.