We are excited to deliver a new and exciting feature for the Collaboration Center with the upcoming 5.72 release of Paragon. The new Start an Offer feature further strengthens the relationship and speeds up communication between Paragon Users and their Consumers!

The Start an Offer feature allows a Consumer using the Collaboration Center to easily alert an Agent that they are interested in a property and ready to make on offer!

Here’s how it works:

1. User enters data in the Start an Offer form, either from the widget on the Detail View, or selects Start an Offer from the Options Modal.

a. Collaboration Center > Detail View > Start an Offer form widget:

b. Options Modal > Start an Offer:

c. Collaboration Center > Start an Offer form

2. User completes the form, clicks Submit Offer, and is presented with a confirmation page:

a. Collaboration Center: Start an Offer Confirmation

3. Client clicks Confirm Offer. An email notification is sent to the Agent letting them know their client has completed the form. Email includes basic info about the listing, the data from the completed form, and the Client’s contact info from Collab Center.

a. Agent “Start an Offer” Email Notification

We are excited to offer advanced functionality that strengthens and speeds up communication between Agents and Consumers seamlessly via Collaboration Center and Paragon MLS.