A recent survey found that 46 percent of consumers believe it is important that their current home or next home they purchase be equipped with smart home technology. The survey, conducted by ERA Real Estate and HGTV, also found that while consumers see the value in smart home technology for their own benefit they also see the impact it serves for resale, with more than half of respondents saying they would consider installing smart home technology in their home to make it more appealing to future home buyers. Millennials were 10 times more likely than Generation Xers to consider updating their homes with smart home technology.

The national consumer survey also found that mobile technology and control are rising to the top, particularly with millennials. Seven in 10 millennials believe it is important that smart home technology integrates with their smartphone, underscoring the generation’s preference for mobile-savvy apps and brands.

Additional findings include:

  • Nearly half of Millennials have energy management technology in their homes, compared to just one-third of Gen X and Baby Boomers.
  • Baby Boomers are most likely to have a security system in their home than any other age group surveyed (60 percent do).
  • Consumers value smart lighting over a smart home audio system.
  • Consumers of all ages agree they would automate their thermostats before their lighting or security systems.
  • One in 10 Americans would choose to automate their TV over their lighting or security systems.

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