LGR Committee

The Local Government Relations Committee (LGR) maintains an intense interest in all things governmental. Their task is to keep abreast of hot issues and emerging trends that could affect the professional interests of REALTORS®.  They also formulate recommendations for formal action or policy positioning for consideration by the TSBOR Directors.

The committee is currently chaired by Peter Morris and has addressed varying issues in the past, including airport noise issues, defensible space law, the Town of Truckee woodstove ordinance, affordable housing, Pathway 2007, Town of Truckee sign ordinances, and most recently, the prohibition of 1st floor office space in Downtown Truckee.

LGR meetings are open to the general membership and all are welcome.  Please contact the Board Office if you plan to attend a meeting.

Chair: Peter Morris


  • Mitch Clarin
  • Kane Schaller
  • Matt Hanson
  • Jeff Hurst
  • Kappy Mann
  • Norm Nicholls
  • Jody Scowcroft
  • Charlie White
  • Scott Tieche
  • Greg Parker
  • Christine Richardson
  • Sue Daniels
  • Mary Nell Hartnett
  • Mike Lombardi
  • Ann Nichols