There’s no time to waste. Congress is currently debating whether or not to pass the new highway bill and we need sure our voices are heard. Congress needs to hear from every REALTOR.  Please Take Action Today!

185,000 REALTORS nationwide have already taken action, urging Congress NOT TO USE G FEE REVENUE TO PAY FOR THESE TRANSPORTATION COSTS. Why? Because any fees Congress takes will make it more expensive for new and low income buyers to afford buying a home.

That’s why I’m urging you to send your message now, BEFORE Congress decides on the funding mechanisms to reauthorize the highway bill.

Send your message today:

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Thank you for taking action and for being more than average, for protecting the future of our industry and for making REALTORS great!

Tom Salomone, 2016 NAR President

Tom Salomone
2016 NAR President