You are invited to test the brand-new zipForm® Plus Beta interface! This beta release is a vital stage of product development. Try out the new zipForm® Plus Beta and provide product feedback before the tool is officially launched in its final version.  Here are 10 reasons to try zipForm® Plus Beta today:

  1. Now Available to Test – Beginning May 1, all members are invited to test zipForm® Plus Beta. It is completely safe to use with real transactions, but keep in mind that you may encounter a few bugs in the beta format.
  2. Java-Free – zipForm® Plus Beta is now free of third party plugins.
  3. No Commitment – zipForm® Plus Beta uses an HTML5 user interface which allows users to toggle between it and zipForm® 6 Professional (even for the same transaction).
  4. Photo Customization – Assigned transaction photos assist in maintaining a visual reference throughout the creation process, and assigning photos to contacts improves user navigation of the address book.
  5. Easy-to-Use Interface – We have received consistent user feedback through a national user group that the zipForm® Plus Beta user interface is intuitive, modern and very easy to use.
  6. Introductory Video – Get an overview of the new user interface, see the differences between zipForm® 6 Professional and zipForm® Plus Beta, learn how to move between the two options, and what to expect from the beta test program.
  7. Training Webinars – Participate in a live webinar and ask questions of the instructor. The schedule may be found at
  8. Unified Transaction List –The zipVault® interface has been completely integrated with zipForm® Plus for a cohesive experience, and zipVault® users may now view stored files with transaction forms in one list.
  9. Improved Search Tools – Transactions, contacts, and forms are all equipped with a search bar. The search function has been improved so as you type within the search bar, results will appear in real time.
  10. Email Signatures – Customized email signatures are now available within the profile, and are included in each email sent from zipForm® Plus Beta.